My scientific interests

Hasegawa is interested in allowing the human-likely embodied computational systems to help us in various ways and in various situation. The one way to do that is the systems autonomously interact with humans in human-like ways. And the other is the systems mediate human-human communication to make the interaction go smoother in certain circumstance such as communication between distant places. (There would be a mixed approach of both). He is working on developing theories and mechanisms in both areas, and addressing the impact and benefits of such technologies on education, medical care, distant communication, etc.



Human-Agent Interaction/Embodied Conversational Agent

  • Online Learing Environment by using Pedagogical Agent
  • Automatic Gesture Generation by using Machine Learning
  • Direction-giving by an Embodied Conversation Agent

Avatar-Mediated Communication/The Proteus Effect

  • Avatar-Mediated Text/Video Chat Communication
  • Avatar-Mediated Distant-Care System

Human-Computer Interaction

  • VR/AR Applications for Nursing Education
  • VR/AR Applications for Physical Skills/Implicit knowledge Acquisition